Wedding trends to inspire you in 2023

We sat down with Jess Ruff, creative director at Liz Linkleter, the event production and design agency, to hear her expert insights into wedding trends for the year ahead — from the drinks to the flowers

Q: What does your role at LL involve?

A: “It’s so varied, but the majority is working with the team to design our events: everything from finding fun and interesting venues to illustrators for stationery and artists for set design. Our teams draw so much inspiration from wider culture, so my job is a lot about finding new things to be inspired by and working out how to bring them into what we do.”

Q: What do you love most about planning weddings?

A: “It’s a really fun way to use creativity to build unique experiences. I’ve also met some amazing people.”

Q: And those in the English countryside in particular?

A: “There is something so nostalgic and romantic about the English countryside — especially in early summer when everything is so green and all the flowers are out.”

Q: Are people going big or small this year when it comes to weddings?

A: “I think people are returning to bigger celebrations, but trying to keep them intimate and personal in how they feel.”

Q: What formats will be in vogue?

A: “People are tending to do bigger multi-day celebrations, especially if guests are travelling long distances to attend. We’ve done some amazing three day events, taking over piazzas in Italy for welcome drinks and having really relaxed BBQ brunches for the day after the wedding.”

Q: How should people go about flowers?

A: “I think it’s best to try and lean towards what is seasonal and what is local, and use that as a starting point for your flowers.”

Q: And the wedding cake?

A: “A lot of couples are opting for large-scale desserts like tarts rather than cakes. Traditional wedding cakes are often not eaten, so people want to do something their guests will enjoy.”

Q: How important are the drinks?

A: “Good drinks are so important for a good celebration! Cocktails can really shift the energy and get a dancefloor going. I love the classic cocktails, but with a twist — like a margarita made with mezcal instead of tequila. It’s all in the details: good quality ingredients, amazing ice and beautiful thin glass.”

Q: And finally, any special touches people should add?

A: “I think what makes a celebration special is how much it reflects the couple and how much thought has gone into bringing everyone together. You could be throwing the most lavish party, but if people don’t feel relaxed, they won’t connect with what is going on or have fun! How your guests experience the party is the most important factor in making something feel special.”

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