Recipe: Make our signature whipped Marmite butter crumpet at home

Our executive chef Andrew O’Connor shares the secret behind our most-requested breakfast dish — the smoked bacon and whipped Marmite butter crumpet. Topped with a poached egg and a soft cloud of parmesan, it’s the perfect way to start the morning.

For the crumpets (makes three)

150g plain flour

200ml warm water

½ tsp salt

½ tsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp yeast

1 tbsp warm water

Place the flour, 200ml warm water and salt in a bowl and mix well. In a separate bowl, dissolve the yeast with a tablespoon of warm water then add the sugar. Combine this with the flour mixture, along with the baking powder. Cover with cling film and leave to prove in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Grease 3 x 9cm rings and add to a medium-hot pan. Divide the batter into the rings and cook for 10 minutes until bubbles stop forming and the crumpet is set. Flip over and lightly colour the top for around one minute. You may need to use a knife to remove the ring. Place on a wire rack until needed.

For the topping

60g soft unsalted butter

1 tsp Marmite

6 rashers of smoked streaky bacon

3 free-range or organic eggs


Whip the soft butter and Marmite until pale using an electric whisk and set aside. Oven cook the bacon until crisp and keep warm. Poach the eggs in boiling water for three-four minutes. Spread the warm crumpet liberally with Marmite butter, top with two rashers of bacon, a poached egg and a generous grating of parmesan.

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