Meet The Maker: Love From Lexi

Illustrator and Designer Lexi Hayman has been part of Kin House’s journey from the very start; from designing illustrated gifs for our website launch, to invitations for the launch of our Garden House, and not least our recent Christmas card, it’s safe to say we are big fans of her playful and whimsical style. Here she answers a few questions about her creative process, and how she swapped a career in marketing for illustration.

Tell us about yourself and how it all began?

My grandfather was a portrait painter (I didn’t inherit his talent for drawing people sadly!) and my mother is an incredible botanical painter so it was a very creative upbringing. My father worked in property which inspired my love of interiors and architecture – those glossy sales brochures with all the beautiful photography! 

I loved writing and illustrating stories as a child, and making books to house them in. I studied Book Art at university and from there went to work in book publishing. A variety of creative marketing roles within the arts, fashion and property spheres followed. There’ve been many creative chapters in my life, and I always longed to create an illustration business, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I opened a set of watercolours for the first time (I’d never quite got to grips with them!) and allowed myself the time to experiment and explore. It was a time that was full of uncertainty and fear as well as learning and soul searching.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love coming up with concepts. I like having a brief but I also enjoy a certain amount of creative freedom. I love creating personal stationery stories for clients, especially if it’s for their wedding.  

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration can stem from anywhere; from childhood books, films, architecture or interiors.

Describe your style in three words?

Detailed. Fun. Colourful. 

What stationery trends will we be seeing in 2024?

I’m not an avid follower of trends, although I’m sure I’m inspired subconsciously by certain things. I think a continuation down the personalised path will always be a winner for me. 

When you’re designing for Kin House clients, what are your favourite parts of the house to illustrate?

I love all the details, from the chequerboard floors to the fabrics and bar panelling

Do you listen to anything while you’re drawing and designing?

I enjoy classical music and film soundtracks which I find help me relax and concentrate. I’ll also sometimes have a period drama on in the background like the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice, something I’ve watched 1000 times before which I substitute for an audio book.

How can clients add their own personality to their stationery?

Pets seem to be a popular choice for wedding couples, or the design could represent where they come from or things that symbolise important stories in their lives together. 

You’re designing our Christmas card ­where did the inspiration come from?

We decided to add some festive, wintery charm to the original house illustration for both the postcards and this year’s Christmas card. 

Instagram @lovefromlexi

Website lovefromlexi.com

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Meet The Maker: Love From Lexi

From designing gifs for the Kin House website, to our recent Christmas card, it's safe to say we're big fans of illustrator Lexi Hayman's playful style

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